In Tanzania, Pathfinder International is working to reduce cases of HIV and AIDS and advocating for increased family planning—with a special focus on establishing integrated health care delivery systems at the community level.

With its rugged plains, snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, and beautiful coastline, Tanzania is one of Africa's natural gems. But the country faces significant sexual and reproductive health challenges, including elevated rates of HIV and AIDS and a total fertility rate that has remained high.

More than 5.8 percent of the population is HIV-positive, more than half of whom are women. At the same time, maternal mortality in Tanzania is unacceptably high, as the lifetime risk of maternal mortality is one in 38.

Tanzania has more than 2.5 million orphans and over 50 percent of hospital beds are occupied by AIDS patients.

Since 1984, Pathfinder has had a strong presence in Tanzania, working closely with the government and with local partners to improve access to reproductive health and HIV and AIDS services, while also building the capacity of local NGOs.

Based on our experience delivering community home-based care for people living with HIV and AIDS, Pathfinder is continuously working to integrate family planning services at the community level. Through trainings and the creation of a distribution system, Pathfinder has equipped community health workers with supplies to deliver information and non-clinical contraceptive commodities, such as condoms, to people in their homes.

Still today, the country has less than 60 percent of the health personnel it needs to deliver planned services. People in rural communities have difficulties in accessing health services. As the population of the country grows, the health care delivery system is unable to cope with increasing demand for services. 


In Tanzania, 50 percent of hospital beds are occupied by AIDS patients. With such high demand at health centers, Pathfinder strives to bring services into the communities to ensure all people have access. Your gift of $25 or $50 is critical to ensuring our work continues.

Our Projects

Gender-based violence in Tanzania

Preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Against Children in Tanzania

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender

In Tanzania, Pathfinder works to prevent violence against children and adolescents at the household and community level.

Mobilizing Maternal Health in Tanzania_thumbphoto

Mobilizing Maternal Health in Tanzania

Maternal & Newborn Health

Pathfinder joins Touch Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, and USAID in promoting the accessibility of appropriate maternal and newborn care in Tanzania by expanding the availability of comprehensive emergency obstetric care and by implementing community level activities to reduce maternal mortality during delivery and childbirth.

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mHealth as a Tool for Integrated Systems Strengthening in Sexual and Reproductive Health Programming

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Research and Evaluation Working Paper Series

The purpose of the Working Paper Series is to disseminate work in progress by Pathfinder International staff on critical issues of population, reproductive health, and development.

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Twenty-four villages are now participating in the Tuungane Project (Kiswahili for “Let’s Unite), a partnership between TNC and Pathfinder International that holistically address reproductive health, the environment and livelihood needs of these communities in this region.

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