Pathfinder International helps implement more than 100 regional and multi-national projects in more than 25 countries around the world.

Pathfinder has brought reproductive health care to tens of millions of people in more than 120 countries in Africa, Asia, the Near East, Latin America, and Europe. Today, our 1,000-plus employees work alongside hundreds of local partner organizations, helping implement projects that address a wide range of sexual and reproductive health issues.


HIV Care and Treatment in Nampula Province


Pathfinder conducted this project that included adding six counseling rooms in the health centers of many Nampula Province districts. The counseling rooms were handed over to the government for use

HIV and Family Planning Learning Community

Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy Contraception & Family Planning HIV & AIDS Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The project carried out advocacy actions for the provision of integrated sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS services for young people in Maputo City.

Health Service Delivery and Community Outreach in Gaza Province, Mozambique

Maternal & Newborn Health Systems Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The project was a response to strengthen the capacities of the public sector health system, NGOs, CBOs, and other civil society partners, while simultaneously working to increase utilization of and access to maternal and child survival and reproductive health.

Health of People & Environment in Lake Victoria Basin

Behavior Change Advocacy Contraception & Family Planning

The HoPE project reduces threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health to improve maternal and child health in local communities.

Photo by Pathfinder Bangladesh

Grameen Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project

Behavior Change Maternal & Newborn Health Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Systems Strengthening

In 2007, Pathfinder began work on the Grameenphone Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project, continuing Pathfinder's commitment to providing quality reproductive health services in Bangladesh that began in the early 1950s.

Global Fund Round 8, Peru

Systems Strengthening

This project advanced the promotion of respiratory health and the prevention of TB among government authorities, educational institutions, teachers, and students.

Photo by Sarah Day

Gender Roles, Equality and Transformations

Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender Behavior Change

Pathfinder worked in Northern Uganda to impact gender norms, through behavioral research and scalable interventions, to positively influence reproductive health outcomes, reduce gender-based violence and improve gender equity among adolescents.

Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender Behavior Change Maternal & Newborn Health Contraception & Family Planning

FORSA provides employment opportunities for rural Egyptians by hiring youth as community health advocates and providing training and financial support for women to start their own microenterprises.

Flexible Family Planning, Reproductive Health, and Gender-Based Violence Services for Transition Situations Project

Systems Strengthening Contraception & Family Planning

From 2008 - 2014, this project developed family planning and gender-based violence services for emergency and transitional situations in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Female Sex Workers Study


This project conducted an integrated biological and behavioral surveillance survey (IBBS) among female sex workers in Mozambique. It measured HIV prevalence, related risk behaviors, and access to care services among this population.

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