APHIA II Nairobi and Central

Through a five-year cooperative agreement, Pathfinder worked to implement USAID/Kenya's AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance Program (APHIA II) in Nairobi and Central provinces.

APHIA II collaborated with the Government of Kenya and local implementing partners to expand the availability of quality, sustainable, HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis prevention, treatment, care and support, along with integrated reproductive health and family planning services. In addition to increasing access to the use of services, the project also promoted healthy behaviors among the most at-risk Kenyans.

Project activities included:

  • Strengthening HIV and AIDS treatment at the provincial, district, and sub-district levels, with a focus on expanding access to antiretroviral therapy;
  • Training community health workers to provide home-based palliative care services and improving care and support networks for people and families affected by HIV and AIDS;
  • Increasing access to voluntary counseling and testing for HIV and tuberculosis; improving TB and HIV referral mechanisms;
  • Supporting government, private, and faith-based organization sector efforts to provide the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and AIDS services;
  • Strengthening community, workplace, and in-school HIV prevention programs, focusing on the most at-risk populations;
  • Providing psychosocial, food/nutrition, and educational support to orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS; and
  • Expanding the availability of integrated reproductive health and family planning services at facilities offering comprehensive HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.

APHIA II built on the foundation established by the COPHIA project, a landmark initiative that enabled communities and community-based organizations to provide comprehensive services for orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV and AIDS, their families, and caregivers.

In addition to the above work in Nairobi and Central Provinces, Pathfinder led USAID's five-year APHIA II Program in Kenya's North Eastern Province as managing partner of the Extending Service Delivery Project (ESD). Pathfinder also supported the APHIA II Project in Kenya's Coast Province, providing interim support that built the capacity of local organizations to develop and manage community-based HIV and AIDS services, counseling, and support.



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August 2008

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Pathfinder/Kenya began supporting the Integrated AIDS Program in 2003 through the Pathfinder-managed COPHIA project.

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