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Our Approach

Pathfinder believes that to provide long term solutions, we must connect people to systems, and systems to people. In keeping with Pathfinder's half century history of working with communities and the expertise this has built, Pathfinder has developed a model of systems strengthening that focuses on the zones of health and community systems' interaction.

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Our Six Focus Areas

Pathfinder addresses a range of sexual and reproductive health needs. In particular, we have six key focus areas and four crosscutting areas of our work.

  • Adolescents

    For nearly 40 years, Pathfinder has led projects focused on improving adolescents and youth access to sexual and reproductive health services in more than 30 countries, under a wide range of circumstances. Pathfinder’s goal is to ensure young people have access to quality services that are tailored to effectively meet the diverse needs of adolescents and youth across countries and cultural contexts.

  • HIV & AIDS
    HIV & AIDS

    AIDS is the leading cause of mortality among women of reproductive age and has devastating impact on the health, livelihood, and survival of women, children, and families. Response to this crisis requires a massive, multi-sectoral, and coordinated global effort to implement state-of-the-art approaches, and advance social justice and human rights. For the past 20 years, Pathfinder has played a major role, contributing on several fronts of the global response to AIDS.

  • Contraception &
    Family Planning
    Contraception & Family Planning

    For more than 55 years, improving access to contraception and family planning has been core to Pathfinder’s mission. Pathfinder has worked in more than 100 countries implementing large scale service delivery programs. Our goal is to advance opportunities for women, men, and adolescents to make choices about their sexual and reproductive health through access to contraceptive services and information.

  • Advocacy

    Pathfinder’s advocacy is focused on improving the US and global political environment for sexual and reproductive health programs. Pathfinder is recognized in the United States and globally as a strong and enduring voice for international sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. Our strong reputation in service delivery and our ability to leverage technical knowledge and expertise make Pathfinder a key resource to policymakers around the world.

  • Abortion

    Pathfinder believes access to abortion services is not only a public health imperative, it is also every woman’s right. As part of our mission, Pathfinder helps ensure the availability of safe, legal abortion services that are performed by well-trained providers so that every woman has options and can make choices about what is best for her wellbeing and future.

  • Maternal & Newborn Health
    Maternal & Newborn Health

    Throughout our history, Pathfinder has supported integrated and comprehensive services for maternal and newborn care. We promote contraception, train midwives and skilled birth attendants, and enhance emergency obstetric care with the goal of reducing maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and ensuring mothers and their newborns have access to help and information at every point during pregnancy and childbirth—from the household to the hospital—and then safely home.

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Featured Projects


Increasing Access to HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment Services for Key Populations in Mozambique

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Advocacy HIV & AIDS

This project works to strengthen the national response to HIV among key populations and in prisons in order to contribute to the reduction of HIV incidence.

I Know, I Decide

I Know, I Decide: eHealth in Egypt

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Contraception & Family Planning

PAST PROJECT: I Know, I Decide provided comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information to young people in ten governorates of Egypt.

Photo by Ben Kahrl

HIV Prevention Among Student and Faculty at Pre-Service Institutions in the Republic of Mozambique

Systems Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy HIV & AIDS

PAST PROJECT: Funded by the Centers for Disease Control from 2009-2015, this project promoted HIV prevention among students, faculty, and staff of training institutes throughout Mozambique.

Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender Behavior Change Maternal & Newborn Health Contraception & Family Planning

PAST PROJECT: FORSA provides employment opportunities for rural Egyptians by hiring youth as community health advocates and providing training and financial support for women to start their own microenterprises.

Photo by Pathfinder Mozambique

Female Condom and LGBT Support

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Maternal & Newborn Health Advocacy HIV & AIDS Contraception & Family Planning

PAST PROJECT: This program worked to reduce the incidence of HIV infection and the number of unplanned pregnancies among the sexually active population; empower women and sexual minorities in Mozambique through advocacy and health promotion activities.

Family Planning Model Townships in Myanmar


Pathfinder will work with the Ministry of Health to improve the availability of contraceptive supplies by providing necessary technical assistance, coordination and financial support to address the shortage of injectables and implants.

Family Planning Initiative

Family Planning Initiative Project

Systems Strengthening Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Behavior Change Maternal & Newborn Health Advocacy HIV & AIDS Contraception & Family Planning

PAST PROJECT: From 2010-2014, Pathfinder worked to support the Government of Mozambique to increase use of family planning and reproductive health services in Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, and Cabo Delgado provinces.

Eye Kutoloka thumbnail

Eye Kutoloka: NGOs Engaged in Health

Systems Strengthening Maternal & Newborn Health HIV & AIDS

PAST PROJECT: A five-year effort to improve NGO capacity in Angola with a special focus on improving health services, education, and water within eight provinces, worked directly with local NGOs on issues of governance, transparency, and democracy.

E2A - Evidence to Action thumbnail

Evidence to Action for Strengthened Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services for Women and Girls (E2A)

Systems Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender Behavior Change Contraception & Family Planning

The Evidence to Action Project (E2A) is USAID’s global flagship for strengthening family planning and reproductive health service delivery.

Viet Nam ehealth

eHealth in Viet Nam

Systems Strengthening

PAST PROJECT: Pathfinder is enhancing the health management information system in Viet Nam in order to strengthen the health sector's planning and management and to reduce inequities among poor and vulnerable populations.

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