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In Uganda, Integrating Population, Health, and Environment to Meet Development Goals

As Uganda's population booms, the country's natural resources suffer the negative consequences, but some initiatives like the HOPE LVB Project aim to improve public health and reduce population pressures while slowing the rate of environmental degradation.

The HOPE LVB Project (Health of People and the Environment in the Lake Victoria Basin)  is now replicating the same model in the fresh water ecosystem around the Lake Victoria Basin to improve public health and reduce unsustainable population growth and its attendant environmental degradation, deforestation, and overfishing. The project is being implemented in Wakiso and Mayuge Districts through a partnership between Pathfinder International, Ecological Christian Organization, CTPH, and OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) in neighboring Kenya.

New Public-Private Partnership Will Make Long-Acting Contraceptive Method More Affordable for Millions

Thanks to an new partnership led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer HealthCare AG and other leaders in global health, millions of women will soon have greater access to a long-acting reversible contraception method called Jadelle.

Sequestration Is Damaging to the World's Women and Their Communities

Throughout the past few years, the international affairs budget, including funding for international family planning, has suffered at the hand of across-the-board budget cuts.
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For Better Health of Women and Children, Pakistan Needs Political Will

Pakistan family planning
Speakers at a seminar organized by Pathfinder International say political will is necessary to address the unmet need for family planning and other women's health services in Pakistan

Investing in women’s health not only improves her life, but the quality of life of her family, community and eventually her country. More than half of the world’s unpaid labour comes from women, therefore, their contribution needs to be recognised.

Pathfinder Congratulates New Secretary of State John Kerry, Supports Focus on Women and Girls

Secretary of State John Kerry
Pathfinder International congratulates John Kerry on his confirmation to serve as the next US Secretary of State and asks for Kerry's continued support of women’s health and rights.
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Pathfinder Applauds President Barack Obama's Presidential Memorandum on Women and Girls

On Wednesday, President Obama took a significant and critical step in ensuring continued support for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls globally.
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Pathfinder International Welcomes Focus on Measuring Progress in Bill Gates’ Annual Letter

Melinda Gates, Maternal Health
Today, Bill Gates released his annual letter as Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focusing on innovations in measurement.

Empowering Community Health Workers in Bihar: Mobile Academy and Mobile Kunji

In partnership with Mobile Kunji and Mobile Academy, Pathfinder is rolling out a training program for thousands of community health workers who will increase the demand and practice of priority maternal and neonatal health behaviors in Bihar, India.

As part of the Ananya programme, BBC Media Action is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce maternal and infant mortality by 40% in Bihar, India by 2015.

Pathfinder Celebrates 40 Years of Roe v. Wade; Challenges for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion Worldwide Remain

Photo of woman with abortion protest sign in Mozambique
Today, Pathfinder Internationals joins our friends, supporters, and allies around the world in celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a momentous Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.
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2012 Was a Year for Women and Girls: Will We See the Same Momentum in 2013?

Pathfinder President Purnima Mane discusses 2012 as a "year for women", applauding the progress made for women's health throughout the world and weighing in on how we make 2013 even more progressive.

In March of this year, on International Women's Day, I asked, "Is 2012 the Year for Women and Girls?" Now, as we enter 2013, I find myself looking back on my call for stronger partnerships, more global coalitions and wondering, Are those enough?

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Pathfinder's Dr. Haris Ahmed Stresses Need to Address Maternal Mortality in Pakistan

Experts from Pathfinder International and the Marie Stopes Society emphasize the importance of family planning and birth spacing as a part of reducing the maternal mortality rate in Pakistan.

“Couples continue to suffer due to lack of awareness of modern family planning methods. Six percent of mothers of all ages die due to unsafe abortions. Keeping these facts in mind, the event focused on having a discussion on what should be done to address and eventually eradicate these maladies."

Linking Conservation And Development To Save Africa’s Largest Lake

In Western Tanzania, Pathfinder and the Nature Conservancy have teamed up to tackle issues in health and environment simultaneously with a project that recognizes the unique relationship of a population and their ecosystem.

This year, the Nature Conservancy is working with Pathfinder International in Western Tanzania to prove that protecting the health of individuals and their natural resources (food, water, soil) will improve their livelihoods significantly as opposed to only treating one issue.

Pathfinder Joins in Statement of Grief for NGO Deaths in Pakistan

Pathfinder International, as a member of the Pakistan Reproductive Health Network, joins in sharing the grief and outrage of other NGO and civil society organizations over the deaths of health workers in Pakistan.
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Pathfinder Chosen by USAID to Lead New Bangladesh NGO Health Service Delivery Project

Pathfinder is thrilled to announce we have been chosen to lead a new Bangladesh NGO Health Service Delivery Project. The project will support delivery of essential health care services through a network of NGO clinics in Bangladesh.
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Country: Bangladesh
Focus Area: Systems Strengthening

Pathfinder Applauds Passage of Reproductive Health Bill in Philippines

On Monday, the Philippines passed a significant bill that will give millions of women the right to access contraception. The new measure will make contraceptives accessible through government health centers, including those in remote areas.

Pathfinder President Purnima Mane Featured on Gates Foundation's "Impatient Optimists"

Purnima Mane
Pathfinder International President Purnima Mane discusses the progress made toward guaranteeing sexual and reproductive health rights in honor of International Human Rights day.

Establishing reproductive rights as human rights for all should be a given in the 21st century. There should be no controversy. And thankfully, because of some amazing advocates, it’s within reach.

Reproductive Rights as Human Rights? Is the World Flat?

As we celebrate International Human Rights Day, a look at strides the global health community has made fighting for reproductive rights and the challenges ahead.

As we celebrate International Human Rights Day, there are still those around the world who think that reproductive rights are not human rights. For me, it is a simple concept: every person should be able to make decisions about her or his body. I see that in the young women and men Pathfinder International works with every day.

Sex workers’ convention kicks off, to focus on their rights

An Indian federation of community-based organizations supported by Pathfinder International holds its first statewide convention focused on the rights of social inclusion and protection for vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Pathfinder’s work in the state for past nine years has resulted in significant reduction of new HIV infections, said T K Jayarajan. This convention is the first-of-its-kind where specific issues of marginalised communities in accessing their rights for social inclusion and protection is being discussed.

Pathfinder Hails the Release of US Government Blueprint for an AIDS-Free Generation

Pathfinder Hails the Release of US Government Blueprint for an AIDS-Free Generation
In light of World AIDS Day on December 1st, Pathfinder congratulates the US Government for developing a bold and clear plan to contribute to the global fight against HIV and AIDS by applying a comprehensive, science-driven approach.
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Focus Area: HIV & AIDS

Pathfinder Applauds Latest UNFPA Report on Family Planning as Human Right

The State of the World Population 2012 report emphasizes a bold principle that Pathfinder has incorporated in its works for decades—that family planning is an intrinsic human right.
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