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Pathfinder International Congratulates President Obama on Re-election

President Obama and American flag
Pathfinder congratulates President Obama on his re-election. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Obama Administration to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, men, and young people in developing countries.

Pathfinder International Applauds Launch of First-Ever USAID Youth in Development Policy

On November 1, 2012, the USAID released its first-ever policy on Youth in Development. Pathfinder International applauds USAID for taking this important step to advance the rights and opportunities for young people around the world.

Let's Talk Sex

Awareness campaign changes attitude towards sexual health and family planning in Bihar, India.

The moment of awakening for Kumar came during a training programme by an international NGO on reproductive health and family planning. In 2001, Pathfinder initiated a project in Bihar on changing the reproductive behaviour of 650,000 people. Under the first (2001-04) and second phases (2005-08) of project PRACHAR (Promoting Change in Reproductive Behavior in Bihar), 30 local NGOs were trained to develop programmes to educate the youth in five districts, including Nalanda, Nawada, Patna, Gaya and Sheikhpura. Street plays and adolescent training programmes were held to increase mass appeal. During the wedding season, NGOs would visit couples before and after marriage to educate them on contraceptive use and spacing between children.

#ONEMums: Being ill – two different versions

In light of her own illness, a British mom traveling with ONE reflects on barriers to health care in Ethiopia and how a Pathfinder-organized health center is making a difference for thousands.

The health posts and this health center—funded by USAID and through a program with Pathfinder International and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health—make the difference to thousands of Ethiopians.

Pathfinder International Selected For The Girl Effect Global Giving Challenge

Pathfinder International is pleased to join the Girl Effect Global Giving Challenge. Pathfinder was selected as one of 70 organizations to compete to win the opportunity to be featured on the Girl Effect fundraising page on Global Giving.

WHO and FIGO Endorse Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment to Address Postpartum Hemorrhage

Woman in non-pneumatic anti-shock garment in Nigeria
Both the World Health Organization and FIGO have given early endorsement to the NASG before trials are complete, including it in their 2012 guidelines to address prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.

Making Healthcare Happen for Rural Ethiopian Families

Blogger Asha Dornfest visits USAID-supported and Pathfinder-led IFHP project in rural Ethiopia as part of #ONEMoms.

These health posts — the one we visited was a shack stocked with a desk and basic medical supplies — are staffed by trained health extension workers. Health extension workers are local community members who have received training in basic medical procedures, and act almost like family doctors. They immunize children. They provide advice on nutrition and sanitation and family planning. They provide treatment for malaria and diarrhea. Often, they’re the only health care available to a community of 5000 or more people.

Pathfinder International Hosts Key Panels at World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)

Next week, Pathfinder International will join gynecologists, obstetricians, and reproductive health experts from around the world at the XX World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) in Rome.

JAGRITI: Stop Child Marriage Campaign

The Elders Visit Pathfinder-Supported Initiative to Stop Child Marriage
To further youth engagement on ending child marriage, Pathfinder is incubating a youth-led and youth-centric campaign—JAGRITI (which means ‘awakening’ in Hindi) in Bihar, a state with high rates of child marriage.

Ensuring Access to Safe, Legal Abortion: A Global Movement Grows

On September 28th, women’s health groups will come together to mark the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion. Pathfinder's Purnima Mane and Planned Parenthood MA's Dianne Luby, joined together to share their thoughts on RH Reality Check.

Sarah O., a young mother in Ghana, is one woman who faced an impossible decision about her body and health. Already struggling to support six children, Sarah learned she was pregnant with a seventh. She traveled to a local clinic where she sought the advice and counsel of one of the nurses on staff, in confidence. The nurse did not think Sarah should end the pregnancy. When she was unable to convince Sarah to raise another child, the nurse told Sarah to carry the pregnancy to term and then she or one of the other nurses would adopt the child. Sarah left the clinic and returned home. A few days later, the staff at the clinic learned that Sarah had died from sepsis after attempting to terminate the pregnancy herself. This sad loss might have been avoided if Sarah had received appropriate counseling, nonjudgmental care, and had genuine access to her full range of options.

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Pathfinder International Joins Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

On September 28th, national and international women’s health groups will come together in their respective countries – some acting openly for the first time—to mark the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion.

Sex Workers Stand Up Against Forced Vargani Collection

This Ganesh festival, commercial sex workers at Budhwar Peth can heave a sigh of relief as the demand for vargani (monetary contribution) has gone down considerably. Sex workers have stood up for their rights and protested against forcible collections.

 “Ever since the CLC was set up as part of a project by Pathfinder International’s programme — Mukta — women have found a platform from where they can discuss their concerns and interests,” says T K Jayarajan, deputy director (documentation), Pathfinder International.

In Defense of Misoprostol – Protecting Women’s Rights to Lifesaving Maternal Health Care

This month a study was published that questions the WHO’s decision to list misoprostol for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. Leading experts at Pathfinder International have carefully reviewed this new study and find its methodology flawed.

The business of women and children's health

New innovative partnerships with the private sector are key to meeting the UN's millennium development goals

"In the four minutes I have to speak, two or three women will have died in childbirth." With this stark observation, Purnima Mane, chief executive of health NGO, Pathfinder International, reminded an audience of more than 100 company executives, ministers and global health leaders why they were gathered together.

IAVI Welcomes New Members Purnima Mane and Alice P. Albright to Board of Directors

Pathfinder President and CEO, Purnima Mane, joins the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Board of Directors.

"As a former member of IAVI’s Policy Advisory Committee, I have long believed that the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine is essential to bringing an end to the AIDS pandemic,” Purnima Mane, President and CEO of Pathfinder International, said. “That conviction has been reinforced continually over nearly three decades of work in areas related to AIDS and sexual and reproductive health. I look forward to working with IAVI to help make the goal of a broadly effective AIDS vaccine a reality.”

Pathfinder International at the 2012 International AIDS Conference

 Pathfinder International at the 2012 International AIDS Conference
Pathfinder is pleased to have more than 20 posters, presentations and events at the 2012 International AIDS Conference. Learn more about our presence in DC July 22-27, 2012.
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Youth and Yearning

With support from Johnson & Johnson, Pathfinder launched a health learning program for in- and out-of-school youth in Can Tho city and Thai Nguyen province to change attitudes and improve knowledge about HIV through life skills-based education.

“I remembered our life-skills forums where we had an opportunity to deal with similar scenarios. I was confident to share with him my feelings, my nervousness and my expectation that I preferred to delay,” one young woman said.  “He agreed with me and showed respect to me. I was very happy.”

Pathfinder Organizes Workshop on Policies for Ethnic Minority Students in Medical Education in Viet Nam

Pathfinder Organizes Workshop on Preferential Policies for Ethnic Minority Students in Medical Education in Viet Nam
On July 17th, 2012 Pathfinder collaborated with the Parliamentary Committee for Social Affairs to organize a workshop to review existing policies for ethnic minority students in medical education.
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Country: Viet Nam
Focus Area: Systems Strengthening

Family Planning Summit on World Population Day Heralds a New Era of Hope

Today’s landmark Family Planning Summit hailed the right of every woman to choose if, when and how often to bear children and marked a return of world attention to an essential human right and the core of Pathfinder’s work: access to contraception.

Pathfinder Pledges Additional $3 million Over 2 Years for Family Planning

Pathfinder Pledges Additional $3 million Over 2 Years for Family Planning
Today at the Family Planning Summit, Pathfinder International’s president, Purnima Mane, announced that Pathfinder will commit an additional $3 million by 2014 to its already robust family planning related programs.
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