In Tanzania since 1960.

In Tanzania, an estimated 1 million women face an unintended pregnancy every year. Over 20 Tanzanian women die each day from complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

We believe all people should have the ability to protect their health and future. In Tanzania, we’re making sure they can. For over 50 years and counting, we partner with the government and local communities to make sure sexual and reproductive health care is available wherever the need is most urgent. From city hospitals to the hardest-to-reach villages, see how we’re making sure millions can choose their own path forward.


News from Tanzania!

Pathfinder in Tanzania had a special lunch guest on January 31—Jane Goodall!

USAID Tanzania hosted representatives from the Jane Goodall Institute, the PROTECT project, The Nature Conservancy, and Pathfinder.  We had a wide-ranging discussion on conservation and innovation.  We also talked about the importance of linking family planning and reproductive health programming in our work—and as a way increase community buy-in.

What We Do in Tanzania

  • Strengthen health facilities and community health workers so more people in more places have access to contraceptive information and services
  • Stop preventable maternal deaths by making sure women receive high-quality, respectful maternal care at every point—from their home to the health facility
  • Train health providers to deliver the services young people need and deserve, including postabortion care that can save their lives
  • Pioneer the use of low-cost digital technology to transform the way health care is delivered in Tanzania, creating a lifeline for people who live far from a health facility
  • Mobilize remote communities to advance their reproductive rights and economic opportunity, while sustainably managing their natural resources—because it’s all connected

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