In Bangladesh since 1978.

Bangladesh has the eighth largest population in the world with 162 million. Half of its enormous population lives in poverty. This widespread poverty, combined with urban growth, environmental degradation, and severe gender disparities, directly affects the nation’s health—particularly among the poor.

Since the 1950s, we have played a key role in helping Bangladesh develop and integrate its national family planning and maternal and child health programs, reach the hardest to reach populations, improve quality of services, and build the capacity of partner organizations.


What We Do in Bangladesh

  • Make sure every woman has access to the information and health care to safely deliver her baby and care for herself and her children—from her home to the health facility
  • Strengthen health centers, satellite clinics, and community health workers so more people in more places have access to the contraceptive information and services they need
  • Build the capacity of local organizations to provide quality services for poor and underserved populations
  • Focus on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents—the largest generation of young people in history—as they come of age

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NGO Health Service Delivery Project

Bangladesh has the eighth largest...

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Senior Country Director

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