What We're Looking Forward to

Last night, more than 50 Pathfinder staff gathered in Dakar, Senegal to debrief and spend time together before the beginning of the International Conference on Family Planning. Over the next few days, our staff—from 14 countries—will present 34 presentations and participate in 9 Pathfinder auxiliary events. It's quite inspiring to meet and chat with different colleagues, all of whom have different things they're looking forward to at the conference.

"I'm looking forward to the incredible youth presence," Jesse McKenna, one of our Watertown-based staff said.

"Increasing the supply of contraceptives is going to be one of my main areas of focus," Luc Vander Veken, from our Mozambique office, said. "It's so critical to get family planning on the radar, and in particular, ensure that contraceptive supplies are available. If we mobilize communities to go for health services, and contraceptives are not accessible, it defeats our work."

I'm personally looking forward to bringing some of the aspects of Pathfinder's work to light. Starting tonight, with a special event for the launch of the new E2A project, I'll be live tweeting from the conference with updates about our technical presentations, events, and more. Stay tuned at @PathfinderInt for breaking news from Dakar!

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