Every Mother Counts

Working at Pathfinder the last four years, I've come across dozens of stories about women who have nearly died during pregnancy, or now suffer from injuries as a result of childbirth, or sadly, who did not survive. It can be challenging to see that day in and day out. It can also be difficult to convey these stories to others and help motivate people to take action.

The women we serve are far away, in distant places. Often, we do not have photos or video to provide a face with a name, a story, a woman. So I was thrilled a few weeks ago to get a chance to watch Christy Turlington Burns' new film No Woman, No Cry and even more thrilled that Pathfinder is now partnering with her initiative Every Mother Counts.

The goal of Every Mother Counts is to raise critical awareness about maternal mortality and inspire people to action. A new PSA they just released does just that. It inspired me to want to share. And I hope it will motivate you as well. As the video so eloquently says, it takes all of us because "out there, there is a woman who needs you right now."

P.S. No Woman, No Cry will debut on May 7th at 9:30PM EST on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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