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Now is the Time: The Battle to Make Long-Acting Contraceptive Methods Available to Young People

Youth Day

We’re calling on our leaders, our peers, and ourselves to act. Together, we can use the Consensus Statement as a tool to address the many barriers our young people face in accessing contraception.

It’s All About Inclusion: Sustainable HIV Prevention and Treatment

prevention blog

We recognize firsthand the importance of meaningfully engaging key populations in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Not only is this the right thing to do, it’s also the most sustainable, effective, and scientifically sound approach.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: HIV & AIDS

“I cannot stop this work…I’ll do it until my last breath.”


Saving women’s lives by building the skills of health care providers like Vimla in their own facilities.

Country: India
Focus Area: Maternal & Newborn Health

Defending Sarah’s Right to Decide

Sarah Tanzania

In Tanzania, 42 percent of young women with no education have given birth.You know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Advancing Abortion Rights: Lessons from Mozambique

Rita MZ Abortion

In legally restrictive settings, barriers to abortion access can be overwhelming—from the American South to Mozambique.

Country: Mozambique
Focus Area: Abortion

Family Planning by Megaphone in Kasai Province, DRC

megaphones DRC

We often think about discussions around family planning and contraception as best held in the privacy of a clinic, behind closed doors. In Dibondo, DRC, Pathfinder's Evidence to Action project is taking the communities’ cue to implement a very different approach.

Earth Day: An Opportunity to Invest in People

Uganda Earth Day

Millions of families in communities around the world depend directly on the environment for their livelihood—and their future depends on these ecosystems continuing to thrive for years to come. For many, lack of access to basic sexual and reproductive health care compounds the livelihood and environmental pressures they face.

Update: Making Progress to End Preventable Maternal and Newborn Deaths


We have great news to share regarding our efforts to end preventable deaths of mothers and children around the world.

A Family Planning Believer in Tanzania

When Mary Edwards was a young woman, crossing the bridge from adolescence to adulthood, she knew nothing about contraception, and at age 18, had her first child.

This International Women’s Day, Remember the Women Who Dare to Choose their Own Path


On this International Women’s Day, as we celebrate the achievements of women around the world, we must remember that without control over their own bodies and without choices about if, when and how often to have children, the scope and breadth of women’s ambitions is ultimately, and irrevocably, limited.

Changing Our Questions: Why We Need to Ask ‘Why’ More

Wouldn’t it be great to know for certain why your project worked? To really understand what the key contributors were to your success in the urban setting—so you could better design programs for different environments?

Focus Area: Behavior Change

Women’s History Month Five Must-Reads: Podcast Edition


March is Women’s History Month, and this year, we decided to spice up our annual reading list: we’ve gone digital.

Shaking Up the Conversation about LARCs for Youth

Ethiopia LARCs

We have to stop talking about how full method choice is crucial for adolescents and youth and look at how we can take action to overcome the barriers they face to full access and choice of contraceptive methods, including long-acting reversible contraceptives.

I’m Taking Control of My Health & Future

When Nadjoari married at 14, she was a child. She didn’t want to marry, but she was left with no choice.

Marriage Will Be My Choice


What if at the age of 15, your parents introduced you to your husband? If this happened to you, would you be as strong as Jailata?

I Stand Up for Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Nina Yengo

I dream of a world where women and men are seen as equal. Where a woman has opportunities and can exercise her rights, the same as a man. In Mozambique, my dream can sometimes feel very far away. We have many challenges to overcome, and too many women must fight just to survive.

Global Commitments, Local Actions: Keeping the Momentum Going After ICFP


What a week in Bali! I joined more than 50 Pathfinders and thousands of family planning advocates for the International Conference on Family Planning in Indonesia.

Agency and Access: Why LARCs Are Significant to the Narrative of Family Planning

It is imperative for me, as a young woman, to be an active supporter of the Global Consensus Statement for Expanding Contraceptive Choice for Adolescents and Youth to Include Long-Acting Reversible Contraception, which will be celebrated at the conference in Bali.

Innovative Partnership Brings ‘Wellness’ to Millions of Chinese Migrant Workers

Linda Neuhauser

In 2011, with initial funding from the Levi Strauss Foundation, Pathfinder International joined together with UC Berkeley’s Health Research for Action Center to begin the Changzhou Wellness Project.

It’s My Right: Sexual and Reproductive Health for Everyone, Everywhere

Human rights are rooted in the belief that everyone, by virtue of his or her humanity, is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, we commemorate the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted that Declaration.

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